New Bifocal Lenses

If you're happy with the frame you have but need new bifocal lenses, then reglaze. We will supply new bifocal lenses that are fitted to your own frame. This re-lensing process will only take a few days. Reglazing is a cheap and cost effective way to utilize the frames you have There are no extra charges for rimless or semi-rimless glazing. 

Easy safe process.

Replace your broken and scratched lenses, or update with a new prescription. Use the frame you've had before or a brand new one you've purchased. Recycle the 2 for 1 spare pair you never used!

We take all the measurements we need to re-make your new bifocals from an existing pair or from a digital head-shot selfie. We won't order any lenses until we receive your frames and prescription, so nothing can go wrong. If we think you've order the wrong lens type we will let you know before we proceed.

If you've ordered bifocals from us before we will have all of your unique fitting measurements on file, so all we will need is the frame and prescription. Easy!


You can be safe in the knowledge that there is a money back warranty if you're completely happy.