Essential Online Services

Essential Online Services

Our prime minister brought in much needed measures to reduce movement last night. Which I'm sure we all agree and will adhere t. 

We are now offering an essential service, the high street has largely closed now for sight testing and the provision of optical services. So the online service companies like ours must step up and continue to provides services. 

if you need or want to change the lenses in your glasses with the minimum amount of fuss then go online or call (between 9-5) and we will do all we can to help. 

All you'll need to do is.

  • Order online or over the phone
  • Wait for the pre-paid box to arrive to your door
  • Put your frames and prescription in the box.
  • Post the box using a Royal Mail post box. 
  • Once received we will glaze and return to your door.   

We have enough dedicated staff who are keep to come into work and continue offering reglaze services for all that want it. 

All the glasses will be treated with powerful UV-C light to kill viruses when received and before dispatch. 

Feel free to call and discuss any of our processes. 

Keep safe and well. 

Phil (Director)