15 Point Advice For Your Next Test from our Optician! 

Our Opticians advice.

If you feel your eyesight has changed then follow this 15-point process and you’ll be happy!

  1. Book an eye test, use someone you trust or have used before.
  2. Speak with the prescribing optician about any changes that have taken place and find out if the change is enough to warrant the cost for new lenses/glasses.
  3. If there is enough change be sure to ask for a copy of your prescription and if the test is performed under the NHS, you may be entitled to costs towards the lenses, so ask for the voucher codes (two of them, one voucher code and one authorization code).
  4. Make the optician aware that you’re not necessarily going to purchase from them, and you’d like to take your prescription with you.
  5. Ask for your p.d (pupillary distance) measurement. This is something easily measured and is required if you order your lenses/glasses online. This is information that the optician doesn’t have to give and may not measure it without further costs, don’t pay for this.
  6. If you were wanting a new frame and have seen one at the optician’s then take note of the frame details, you’ll be able to buy the same frame online at a much lower cost.
  7. Then get yourselves online and search!
  8. If you want to use frames you have already then come to us, and we will do the rest for you. You can use our online portal or ring to process over the phone with our sales team.
  9. If you have purchased a new frame and are happy with it then, again, come to us and we will deal with the lens purchase.
  10. We can give advice in terms of lens type, style, material, tinting and coatings. We are not sales driven so you’ll get honest impartial advice, you can always ask to speak to our optician for confirmation of the lens choice.
  11. Once the order has been processed, we send you pre-paid packaging to send the frames to us.
  12. When you receive the packaging you then send the frames and a copy of the prescription, we need this so we can check we’re doing the correct lenses for you.
  13. We will receive and complete the job normally in 2-5 working days and send back.
  14. Simple. You’ll save money, lots, and the process may well be quicker and certainly less hassle for you. 
  15. Tell everyone how happy you are with our service!