NHS Vouchers.

Reglaze Glasses Direct can claim NHS vouchers on your behalf. The voucher is called a GOS3 and is issued by your Optician when you're tested.

The NHS are rolling out a new system where they give you a voucher Code and an authorization code, they are different but they consist of three letters and 5 numbers (abc12345) For bifocal and Varifocal lenses we can claim the full value of the voucher.

Please make sure you sign section 2 and 4 before you send it in with the glasses.

Please pay for the lenses via the order process, we will refund the value back to you once received


     Voucher E            £67.50      
Voucher F £85.60
Voucher G £111.20
Voucher H £215.50


(Values for 2015)

We will also accept  Eyecare, Endenred Vouchers, if you pay the full amount, send in the voucher with the glasses for reglaze, we will refund the voucher value.







(Values for 2015)